USB Logic Analyzers | LP665

16 Channel 200 MHz Logic Analyzer & 100 MHz Pattern Generator


Logic Analyzer
  • 100 KHz to 200 MHz adjustable clock rate
  • 16 channels, 16 X 512K buffer memory
  • Protocol Analyzer: SPI, Quad SPI, I2C, SIM, RS232, 1-Wire, Custom
  • Data Editor: Math, Line, Text, Data Wizard
  • Triggering Mode: Auto, Normal, Single
  • Logic Input: 1.2V, 1.5V, 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V, 5V
  • Clocks: External, Internal
Pattern Generator
  • 100 KHz to 100 MHz adjustable clock rate
  • 16 X 512k pattern length
  • Protocol Analyzer: SPI, Quad SPI, I2C, SIM, RS232, 1-Wire, Custom
  • Data Editor: Math, Line, Text, Data Wizard
  • Line, Text, Math Editors
  • Clocks: External, Internal
  • Logic Output: 1.8V
  • Custom API
  • No external power supply
  • Intuitive application software with an assortment of features
  • Size: 3X5 inches, 7.5X12.5 cm - Weight: 7 oz, 200 g
  • Upgrade options: oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, frequency & phase analyzer, data recorder, arbitrary waveform/function generator, and data acquisition

LP665 Video Description

Product Description

LP665 logic analyzer integrates: a 200 MHz logic analyzer, and a 100 MHz pattern generator in a 3X5 inches package. Both instruments allow the user to adjust the clock with a 1 Hz resolution. LP665 features a complete protocol (including: SPI, Quad SPI, I2C, SIM, RS232, 1-Wire, and Custom) analyzer and generator with a powerful data editor (including: Math, Line, Text, Data Wizard). An intuitive graphical user interface with an assortment of analytical tools and various signal editors including; line, text, and math editors enables the user to generate and analyze the data seamlessly. The logic analyzer offers two modes of operations: 16-channels running at 100 MHz and or 8-channels running at 200 MHz. The analyzer also features a menu, which allows the user to decode the data to popular formats. The pattern generator generates up to 16-channels of 1.8V LVCMOS output data with the channel depth of 512 K words. The unit can be upgraded to include an oscilloscope, a spectrum analyzer, a frequency and phase analyzer, a data recorder, and an arbitrary signal/ function generator in the same package. LP665 is USB powered with no need for an external power supply. The free application software helps the user to review various features of each instrument.

Typical Application Plots

Logic Analyzer Analog Arts SL987, Analyzing a 16-channel group

Logic Analyzer, Analyzing a 16-channel Group

Pattern Generator Analog Arts SL957, Protocol Data Wizard

Pattern Generator, Protocol Data Wizard

USB Oscilloscope Analog Arts SL957, The data state listing of the pattern generator

Data State Listing of the Pattern Generator

Logic Analyzer Analog Arts LP665, Group Editor

Logic Analyzer Group Editor

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