Application Specific DAQ

Customized DAQ/ Oscilloscopes For Your Requirements

Analog Arts develops customized data acquisition (DAS, DAQ) systems for challenging applications. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you to develop a complete solution for your design goals.


  • Sensor design
  • Phase detectors with less than 1 ppm accuracy
  • Signal conditioning systems
  • Analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters
  • Up to 140 dB SFDR performance
  • Up to 100 GHz sampling rate
  • Up to 28 bits of resolution
  • Hardware and software designs
  • Applications: Radar & communication, medical, audio, video, speech, image, geophysical, sonar, and general signal processing

Analog Arts High Dynamic 140 dB Data Acquisition Board

Analog Arts 140 dB Dynamic Range Data Acquisition Board

For more information about Analog Arts data acquisition products, please contact the factory.

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