EDN - December 17, 2015

Measure phase difference using correlation

USB Oscilloscope Analog Arts SA985,  The phase difference display between a sine wave and a square

A key advantage of correlation is its ability to find the phase difference between most other types of signals. Figure 4 shows the phase difference between a sine wave and a square wave. ...

EDN - April 13, 2016

FFT: Equations and history

The frequency spectrum representation of a complex signal composed of a sine wave and a sinc function.

In the movie Contact, the first "contact" was made when a signal appeared on a computer screen. How? Based on the science behind SETI, several super computers were tasked to perform FFT on the incoming signals from a massive grid of antennas in the middle of nowhere.

EDN - 09 February 2016

Bandwidth 101

RC circuit frequency response on SL987 spectrum analyzer

In a digitizing system, the sampling rate is another frequency limiting factor. According to Nyquist theorem, where the sample rate must be more than twice the highest frequency of interest ...

EDN - July 13, 2015

The Art of Waves: Images on an oscilloscope

USB Oscilloscope Analog Arts SG814, Lissajous curves of dolphins on an oscilloscope

To produce an image on the oscilloscope screen, for a pseudo triangle signal on the "Y" input, the "X" input can be computed based on the image's digital information. The tricky part is ...

Electronicsforu - 14 December 2015

Frequency Spectrum Analysis of Signals

USB Spectrum Analyzer Analog Arts SL917, The time domain and the frequency domain representation of an AM signal

A filter by definition limits the frequency performance of a system to a certain bandwidth. The characteristic of the filter in its pass-band, stop-band, and the transition between these two ...

EETimes - 02 February 2016

How to Market to Young Engineers

Spectrum Analyzer Tutorial Youtube

Part of what makes engineers who they are is their stubbornness as they plow forward towards their goals in spite of what others say. The other side of this coin, however, means that engineers may ...

Oscopes - 27 January 2016

Precision Phase Noise Measurement Technique - Part 2

The accumulated jitter as shown on a PC oscilloscope

As the speed of the electronics data processing increases, the clock noise becomes one of the dominants sources of error in the system. Maintaining a clean clock requires testing and measurement of ...

Electronicsforu - 25 November 2015

Understanding Signal Frequency Spectrum

USB Spectrum Analyzer Analog Arts SL957, The spectrum plot of  a signal with multiple components

They are often distorted by various noise sources. In addition, the nature of a signal is often unknown. That is exactly what makes a spectrum analyzer a powerful tool. A spectrum analyzer reveals ...

OScopes - 25 November 2015

Precision Phase Noise Measurement with an Oscilloscope

USB Oscilloscope Analog Arts SA985, Jitter on a clock as shown on an oscilloscope

Often clock jitter induced from the power supply noise, signal routings, or other signals severely degrade the performance of the system. Clock generation and distribution in a FPGA for a high speed...

OScopes - 29 January 2015

A Comparison between Oscilloscopes and Spectrum Analyzers

USB Oscilloscope Analog Arts SL957, Spectral analysis of a modulated signal

To fully characterize the filter across different frequencies, we can change the input of the filter to a white noise signal (i.e., inputting all frequencies) and look at it its frequency response ...

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