Analog Arts recommends all potential buyers to review the product documentations and tutorials before a purchase. It also suggests that interested parties to download and install the application software from "Application Software" page to explore about the various features and operations of the instrument. For any additional information, please contact the factory for an immediate response. Analog Arts warranty covers our product against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of one year from the date of the purchase by the original purchaser. Additionally, Analog Arts products are provided with a 30-days (no-ask) return, and a 3-years upgrade warranty policy. The returned product must be in its original form. Damaging the product, removing it from its casing, and or exposing it to an environment other than those specified in its documentation voids the warranty.


Analog Arts products are provided with a 30-days (no-ask) return , 1-year workmanship, and 3-year upgrade warranty policy. Refunds are available for the first purchased device of any model. Refunds exclude shipping charges. Prior to a return, a formal request must be submitted for an RMA number. Returns must be initiated by sending an email to: info @analogarts.com, or calling 781-246-3800 to request a "Return Merchandise Authorization Number," and take place within 30 days, including weekends and holidays, of the ship-date. All requests must be made within 8 AM - 5 PM Eastern Standard Time Zone. Defected purchases can be returned for an exchange.








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