USB Oscilloscope, Generator, Analyzer

Analog Arts develops PC-based USB oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, arbitrary waveform generators, frequency and phase analyzers, data recorders, TDR cable analyzers, frequency and phase meters, pattern generators, logic analyzers, data acquisition systems, and application specific test instruments. Analog Arts products satisfy a wide range of applications in various industries.

PC Oscilloscope & Spectrum Analyzer

Analog Arts' oscilloscopes benefit from a propriety technology to offer quality, performance, and affordability. The instrument is accompanied by a spectrum analyzer, a data recorder, and a frequency and phase meter.

Arbitrary Waveform & Function Generator

With over 25 standard functions at frequencies up to 150 MHz and the ability to edit and generate arbitrary signals, Analog Arts arbitrary generators offer an extraordinary performance at an affordable price.

Frequency Response Analyzer

With a dynamic range of over 100 dB and a frequency range of 1 Hz - 150 MHz, Analog Arts affordable frequency gain and phase analyzers satisfy a wide range of applications including audio, power supply, filter design, and data acquisition.

TDR Cable Tester

With an acquisition bandwidth of 1 GHz and the stimulating pulse signal rise time of less than 1 ns, the instrument is suitable for precise measurements of various metallic cable parameters with lengths from 50 cm to more than 1000 km.

Logic Analyzers/ Pattern Generators

We offer 16 bit logic analyzers and pattern generators with speeds up to 200 MHz. The instruments are supported by a powerful application software for graphical editing, data decoding, and data/protocol analysis.

DAQ/ Application Specific Solution

With features such as 140 dB dynamic range, 100 GHz sampling rates, 28 bits of resolution at high bandwidths, our solutions have satisfied a wide range of applications including radar, communication, medical, and academic research.

"The best company I have ever worked with in 40 years. It does not get any better. Two custom product modifications, on time, on budget that meet all specifications says it all. No false promises or performance compromises. The price/ performance ratio is excellent. I highly recommend Analog Arts Inc to anyone."

Jerry Lentz,  Founder; Marina Photonics - California

"Ease of installation and use, outstanding performances in every single function, intelligent and robust design. The SF880 is a powerful Swiss knife in your pocket. And last but not least a proactive and competent support service that address every issue or comment. It's really a bargain for the price range!"

Luca Marrocchi,  Program Manager;  Temis Srl - Italy

"The Analog Arts USB SA985 oscilloscope is being used to help investigate a project with the objective to detect Jupiter’s radio emissions. This work is supported by NASA and the device has been very accommodating to my research needs. I would recommend it to my colleagues. The experienced team at Analog Arts have been extremely helpful at resolving any of the questions I had about the device."

John Clem,  Research Associate Professor;  University of Delaware

"I find Analog Arts SL987 7-in-1 oscilloscope to be an excellent product that is one of the best on the market. It works very well within its specifications. I especially like its full features set, intuitive, powerful and easy to use software. With the Analog Arts SL987, at a fraction of the cost I can get rid of a host of other separate equipment."

Merrill Wettasinghe,  Chief Designer; Merrill Audio Stereo Equipment - NJ

"My experience with Analog Arts was beyond spectacular. Their team went above and beyond to meet my needs down to the tiniest specification. From the moment I received my first phone call I was met with a warm welcoming by a truly customer friendly company. I've recommended Analog Arts to several of my colleagues who have all shared the same quality experience as I have."

Keith Moore,   Audio Engineer;  DNA Cables - New York

"I'm quite impressed by the performance, ease of setup and operation, and price of the SF880 USB oscilloscope. Setup to initial operation took less than five minutes, and the recorded data was immediately able to be read and processed using our application code. The unit has been very stable over several days of operation in our lab."

Albin J. Gasiewski, Ph. D Professor; University of Colorado

"I purchased an Analog Arts USB oscilloscope, model SL937, for my classroom. I have found the performance of the product to be the state of the art and extremely flexible. I highly recommend it to my colleagues with similar requirements. I was especially impressed with the friendly and professional team at Analog Arts."

Marco Túlio,  Professor;  SENAI Faculty - Brazil

"I am quite pleased with the attention and the excellent service that I have received before and after I purchased SL917. It is a powerful test and development tool at an affordable price. I congratulate Analog Arts for its excellent professionalism and the state-of-the-art achievement."

Alcides Ferrari Jr., Director;  UPtrain Treinamentos Consultoria - Brazil

"LP665 is a must have tool for every engineer who wants to debug the SPI interface.
What makes this tool even more valuable is the level of support you will receive from Analog Arts."

Sefa Tanis,   Sr. RF Applications Engineer ; Analog Devices - MA

Analog Arts Inc. Lynnfield, MA USA 781 246-3800 info@