Analog Arts Instruments

Analog Arts develops application specific test instruments, PC-based USB oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, arbitrary waveform generators, data recorders, pattern generators, and logic analyzers. Analog Arts products satisfy a wide range of application in the auto, audio, video, communication, and radar industries.

Oscilloscopes/ Spectrum Analyzers

We offer various 2 channel high performance oscilloscopes with bandwidths of up to 1 GHz, 100 GHz effective sampling rate, 250 MHz real sampling rate, and time divisions of 1 nS. Each instrument is accompanied by a powerful spectrum analyzer and a data recorder. Prices start at $195.

Arbitrary Waveform/ Function Generators

Our waveform generators produce 25 low noise and high dynamic range standard signals with frequencies of up to 150 MHz. An important feature of these devices is the unique graphical editing software which allow the users to seamlessly generate any desired signals. Prices starts at $180.

Logic Analyzers/ Pattern generators

16 channel logic analyzers with up to 200 MHz sample rates include features for decoding popular protocols. Pattern generators are capable of generating a 16 bit wide digital data from 1 mHZ to 50 MHz. These devices are supported with a powerful application software for graphical editing and data manipulation.

Data Acquisition and Application Specific Solutions

We customize our technology for particular applications. With features like, 140 dB of dynamic performance, 100 GHz sampling rates, 28 bits of resolution, and super high bandwidths, our solutions have satisfied a wide range of applications including radar, communication, automotive, medical, and satellite.

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